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Reviewing MEPA Files

MEPA files are public records, and are available for public review. File reviews must be done at the MEPA Office, 9 a.m.- 1 p.m. Monday through Friday or by appointment. We are located at 100 Cambridge Street, 9th floor, in Boston. Questions about file reviews should be directed to Barbara Kehoe at (617) 626-1021.

Files for projects that have an assigned EEA No. of 10140 or greater are located at the MEPA Office in Boston. Older files generally are kept in archives at the State Records Center. We can retrieve these older files upon written request - it takes approximately 30 days for a file to be delivered to the MEPA Office. Do not contact the State Records Center directly - retrieval requests must come from the MEPA Office. Contact Josie Wixon at (617) 626-1031 for further information about archive retrievals.

A photocopier is available at 10 cents per page (we accept cash or personal checks for copies.) Bound documents can be borrowed for up to 4 hours (same day only) for copying (borrower identification must be provided.) Other documents cannot be taken from the MEPA Office.

Each project reviewed by the MEPA Office has a unique identifier called the "EEA No." An EEA No. is assigned when a project's Environmental Notification Form (ENF) is submiited. The numbers are assigned in chronological order. In order to request a MEPA file for review, you must have the EEA No. This can be obtained by accessing the on-line MEPA database.